Passachusetts No More!

Starting with the July 2012 Essay portion of the MA Bar Exam, the commonly known nickname “Passachusetts” became no longer applicable. Compared to the last thirty bar exams, these essays were by far the most issue-laden and challenging, especially with respect to the...

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Bar Exam Excuse Makers

I DON’T LIKE THE BAR EXAM, HENCE I DO NOT BELIEVE I SHOULD HAVE TO TAKE IT (and other musings of Bar Examinees). By Joseph Keeney, Esq. Attorney Instructor, LawTutors, LLC 1.  I graduated law school with a 3.5 therefore, I shouldn't have to take the bar exam....

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How to Study Effectively for the Bar Exam

Clearly, studying for the bar exam is not the most fun thing you can imagine doing. Though, if doing MBE questions just for kicks is your idea of a good time….who am I to judge?  For those of you that don’t get your kicks from MBE questions, since I can’t make the...

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Failing the Bar and the Stupidty Myth

Myth: You are Stupid Because You Failed The Bar Myth Buster: You Are Not Stupid Trust me on this. I have had so many students come to me stating that they are stupid due to the fact that they failed the bar. Maybe they missed it by 25 points, maybe by 2. Either way,...

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Exams Are Just Around The Corner!

Yippee? I know, not quite. And no, I’m not going to lie and tell you “it’s not that bad” or anything else equally as ridiculous. It IS bad, BUT, there are certainly ways to deal. So, what are those ways to deal? 1) Be calm. Hey, I can see you rolling your eyes at me!...

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So You Failed The Bar?

It’s not the end of the world. Trust me on this. And yes, I know you’ve all heard stories about successful attorneys that failed the bar the first time around. Hey, If JFK jr couldn’t pass………but it doesn’t make you feel any better. I know. So, take a day or two to...

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How To Study For Exams

Most of you have completed midterms by this point, if your professor gives them.  You are also probably starting to get into study mode for finals.   So, in the Halloween spirit (because it’s my favorite holiday), I’ve decided to give you some treats. Now, while I...

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