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      • •There are six 30-minute MEEs given in one three-hour segment.


    • •Each MEE is 30 minutes long.
Subjects Tested
    • Business Associations (Agency and Partnership, Corporations and Limited Liability Companies)
    • Civil Procedure
    • Conflict of Laws
    • Constitutional Law
    • Contracts (including UCC Article 2)
    • Criminal Law and Procedure
    • Evidence
    • Family Law
    • Real Property
    • Secured Transactions
    • Torts
    • Trusts and Estates

Don’t Just Pass the Bar… Raise It!

Four Things You Do NOT Want to Do on the MEE:

1. Repeat the facts.

2. Scratch the surface.

3. Run out of time.

4. Make your answer too convoluted.



Four Things You DO Want to Do on the MEE:

1. Follow the exact call of the questions.

2. Read the fact pattern first like a story.

3. Outline your answer.

4. Use connectors such as “when,” “because,” “since,” and “here” to help with your analysis.

The UBE Essay Weekend Workshop

 Our bar professors take you through a big-picture overview of each topic and then immediately go through the essays with you on those topics.

July 10th & 11th, 2021, 10am – 4pm ET

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