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Online Learning In Law School

We talk about everything from study tips to outlining to the online classroom and making the most out of your school’s resources. This video is the first of a series of free webinars for the law student, and we cannot wait to see you at our future ones.

How To Outline Effectively In Law School

This comprehensive webinar takes the student through the process of outlining for law school exams. This is a must-watch for any law student!

How To Write A Law School Exam

This methodical step-by-step approach will answer any and all questions you may have about exam writing. Our expert panel of law school professors give valuable insight into exactly how to write for your law school exams.

You Got Your First Semester Grades, Now What?

You got your first-semester law school grades, so now what? Whether you did well and want to continue your success or you did not do as well as you had hoped and need to improve, this free, comprehensive webinar is for you.


Pre-Writing for your Exams webinar graphic title

Pre-Writing for Your Exams

In this video, Professor Brittany Raposa breaks down the steps to preparing for writing for your law school exams. This is the final video in the series for law students that we hosted this season.


LawTutors Practicing for Exams Now webinar graphic title

Practicing for Exams Now

Law students tend to fall into a common trap: waiting until the end of the semester to prepare and practice for exams. This Webinar explains how you can fit in practicing questions throughout your entire law school semester.



How to Read a Legal Opinion and Brief a Case

Welcome to one of the very first things you have to do in law school, as well as the ultimate guide on how to do it.

How to Write a Law School Outline

Take the guess work out of writing your law school outline, which is one of your most important tools in studying for your legal exam.

IRAC/CREAC in Legal Writing-Exams and Memos

Learn the new language of writing for your legal exam or memo, and the important differences for each.

The Basics of Essay Analysis

The most important part of your essay is the analysis. Here is your how-to guide on how to analyze.

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We here at LawTutors think that every Law, Bar and MPRE student should have free access to a plethora of resources to assist them navigate through their legal journey. We also believe in not overwhelming you, so we created what we thought are the best, most efficient, and least time-consuming resources!    

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