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LawTutors offers Bar Exam services in all states:


Small Group Workshops for any Bar Exam [Online and In Person]

All bar review students should take the Base Program, which is taught by the LawTutors founder Tania Shah and covers the core subjects on every bar exam. This will serve as your “Base” for bar review study and will guide you through a strict and intense review. The Base Program consists of a combination of MBE and Essay Workshops. The Base Program also includes two graded essays, two live quizzes, and a review. These workshops are excellent for students taking the bar in any state.

Each workshop is small group [no more than 12 students], interactive, and intense. Workshops run for 3-4 hours long and include all materials. The Base Program is extremely cost effective. These workshops are offered in Brookline, MA.5

Bar Review Workshop Schedule. See our pricing guide to see how much you can save.


Online Component

FREE (w/purchase of live program): Our Online Component offers 6 intensive MBE workshops and MiniEssays. These are interactive, with the materials and slides you need right in front of you and founders Tania Shah and Melissa Gill guiding you the entire way.


Repeat Takers

Many people feel hopeless after failing the Bar, but LawTutors can give you the tools you need to pass the Bar in any state. Here’s some insight into our philosophy for helping repeat Bar takers:

So you failed the Bar?

The Stupidity Myth

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Premium and Deluxe Individual Bar Exam Essay Review Packages

Students can get 10 essays reviewed by our top bar exam instructors and professors with detailed written comments without committing to one on one tutoring packages. The Deluxe package includes 3 hours of skype and/or phone live sessions to go more in depth on essay review. For maximum benefit, students must sign up for this package no later than 1 month prior to the bar exam.


One-On-One Program

In conjunction with your base program, you may choose to enroll in a one-on-one program. The one-on-one program supplements the Base Program but adds the state-specific essay subjects that the Base Program does not cover, as well as more personalized attention that you might not receive in workshops.

You will receive a personalized study schedule addressed to suit your specific needs and feedback from our Licensed Attorney Instructors.

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One-On-One Distance Learning

Those students who are taking LawTutors from any state other than Massachusetts, California or New York should not worry that they are not able to participate in the Base Program. Your Attorney Instructor will incorporate a Distance Base Program into your individualized plan.

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Three-day Intensive Exam Review Seminar:

In-person interactive bar exam review seminar.

Day 1: 100 MBE questions and 5-essay proctored exam.
Day 2: live interactive MBE review
Day 3: live interactive essay review

Dates TBA: approximately 2 weeks prior to the exam.


The Early Birds

If you want to get started with your Bar Review earlier than our scheduled program, don’t fret! The beauty of personalized tutoring is that your Attorney Instructor works with your schedule. E-mail us or give us a call and we can talk about a program that fits your needs.

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