Hear What our Students are Saying About our Attorney Instructors

“I decided to become a Tutor at LawTutors because I really enjoyed my experience studying for the Bar through LawTutors… and I wanted to be able to provide that experience to other students.”

Sheri Mason
Attorney Instructor

Tania N. Shah, Esq.

The Boss
Corporate Attorney
Top 100 Attorney For Her Corporate Law Practice
Professor of Law

Tania N. Shah was born and raised in Southern California. Tania is a published author, a practicing corporate attorney, the owner and founder of LawTutors, and a professor of law. She graduated from U.C. Berkeley, where she was a commencement speaker, and Boston University School of Law, where she was Executive Editor of the Science and Technology Law Review and a Moot Court Champion.

Tania taught as an adjunct professor for Bar Preparation at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth School of Law (where she also taught full time), Boston University School of Law, and Suffolk University School of Law. Tania is currently a legal instructor at Washington University School of Law, in their LLM and Masters of Law Program. Tania also teaches for the Law Division of Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing supplemental educational and career support to incoming Ivy League law students from underserved communities. 

Tania was recently featured in Boston Voyager Magazine for her unique approach to legal education, and was the winner of Boston University’s Young Lawyer’s Chair award in 2010.

Tania has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Attorneys for 2020 and will become full-time faculty starting July 1, 2020 at Western State College of Law at Westcliff University in Irvine, CA.

Professor Melissa A. Hale, Esq.

Director of Academic Success and Bar Programs Loyola University
Chicago School of Law
National Head Attorney Instructor, LawTutors
CALI Fellow

In addition to teaching with LawTutors, Melissa is Director of Academic Success and Bar Programs at Loyola University Chicago School of Law and teaches for Emanuel Bar Review. She is also the co-author of Aspen’s What Not To Write series and co-editor of Aspen’s Blonds Multistate Book.

Melissa was a professor at University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth School of Law was also Assistant Director of Academic Support and Bar Programs at The University of District Columbia, David A Clarke School of Law.

Professor Hale was chosen for the prestigious role as a CALI Fellow. Professor Hale has also been chosen among an elite few to attend Feedback Conferences with the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE).

Melissa also taught for the Law Division of Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing supplemental educational and career support to incoming Ivy League law students from underserved communities.

Professor Brittany Raposa, Esq. 

COO and Attorney Instructor, LawTutors

Director and Professor of Bar Support, Roger Williams University School of Law

2019 Professor of the Year; 2018 Staff of the Year, Law School Valedictorian


Brittany L. Raposa graduated summa cum laude in 2015 from UMass Law. Right after graduating from law school, Brittany tutored students in law school courses and for the MPRE, and began tutoring students for the bar exam right after passing. Since, she has tutored students from all UBE states as well as New York, Texas and California. 

She is currently serving as the Director and Professor of Bar Support at Roger Williams University School of Law in Rhode Island. There, she teaches the in-house bar preparation course that prepares students for the bar exam, and she teaches a second-year course to help students with their analytical skills. 

Brittany also teaches with the Law Division of Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing supplemental educational and career support to incoming Ivy League law students from underserved communities.  

Heather Kenny, Esq. 

2016 Professor of the Year
Head California Attorney Instructor, LawTutors 

Heather graduated cum laude from Chapman Law School (now Fowler School of Law) in the top ten percent of her class. While at Chapman, she tutored Contracts as a 2L, served as an Articles Editor for the Chapman Law Review, was a member of the Appellate Moot Court Honors Board, and received the highest grade in seven of her classes including Contracts, Legal Research and Writing, and Land Use.

Heather spent four years teaching property law at a California law school where she was awarded Professor of the Year in 2016, and currently serves as coach for the school’s award-winning Negotiation Competition Team. Heather also teaches with the Law Division of Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing supplemental educational and career support to incoming Ivy League law students from underserved communities.

Scott Caron, Esq.

Attorney Instructor, LawTutors

Scott Caron has been teaching and tutoring law students for more than 15 years. As a professor at Irvine University College of Law since 2004, he has taught courses as varied as Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, Commercial Transactions (UCC), Community Property, Remedies, Legal Writing, Legal Research, and Document Drafting. Scott was also named Professor of the Year at Irvine in 2008.

A graduate of Whittier Law School, Scott excelled academically, competing on the Moot Court Honors Board, serving as Solicitations Editor on the Whittier Law Review, earning the top grade in a course six times, and graduating fourth in his class of more than 190 students. A practicing litigator in the Los Angeles area, since 2005 Scott has worked for a firm representing public entities, particularly law enforcement, in civil rights lawsuits. 

Sheri Mason, Esq. 

Attorney Instructor, LawTutors 

Sheri is an attorney who started her legal career on trademarks (including litigation), copyrights, entertainment law, compliance, privacy (including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA) and data protection, advertising/sweepstakes law, digital media, technology & software, licensing and contract drafting and negotiation in various industries. 

Sheri started as a student at LawTutors and rose quickly to a top instructor. Sheri also teaches with the Law Division of Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing supplemental educational and career support to incoming Ivy League law students from underserved communities.


Stacy Norrell, Esq. 

Law School Valedictorian
Attorney Instructor, LawTutors 

Stacy attended the University of Massachusetts School of Law in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, achieved Dean’s List honors and was an active participant in the Pro-bono Tutor program. 

Stacy graduated from the UMass School of Law as the Class Valedictorian. During her tenure at UMass, she interned as a Judicial Law Clerk at the New Bedford District Court as well as assisted in the Clerk’s Office in the Taunton Probate and Family Court. Stacy is currently practicing in the areas of real estate and estate planning. Stacy’s meticulous attention to detail and methodical approach to learning makes her a true asset to LawTutors and her students.

Erin Fitzgerald, Esq.

Attorney Instructor, LawTutors

Erin graduated magna cum laude from New England Law | Boston in 2013 and served as an Executive Comment and Note Editor of the New England Law Review. She also served as a student mentor during her 2L and 3L years, advising 1L students on briefing cases, class preparation, note-taking, outlining, and exam preparation. Erin taught as an adjunct professor of insurance law at New England Law | Boston.

She is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Upon graduation from law school, Erin served as a law clerk for the New Hampshire Superior Court and the Honorable Carol Ann Conboy of the New Hampshire Supreme Court. She currently serves as an Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Justice Bureau of the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office. Her practice primarily focuses on the investigation and prosecution of homicide offenses.

Shabnam Mashmasarmi, Esq.

Attorney Instructor, LawTutors

Shabnam graduated from Suffolk University School of Law with such prestigious awards as the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association Book Scholarship, the Thomas Vreeland Jones Pioneer Award, and the Most Distinguished Oral Argument. She is now licensed to practice in Massachusetts, Florida and New York. Currently, Shabnam works at a law firm focusing in the area of real property, bankruptcy, business law, personal injury, entertainment law, intellectual property, and estate planning. Shabnam has unparalleled success in getting students to pass the MPRE!

Julie Weisman, Esq.

Attorney Instructor, LawTutors

Lawyer, biologist, educator — Julie Weisman has been them all. After graduating from Duke University (cum laude), she attended Emory University’s School of Law to become an environmental lawyer. She started her career by joining the Honors Program at the United States Department of Justice where she was an environmental trial attorney. Following a stint at the National Wildlife Federation, she moved to private practice, finishing her law practice at a Wall Street firm in New York.

Throughout her career Julie has been an educator, teaching at various law schools. She has been a first-year research and writing instructor, been an adjunct professor with law schools at Howard University and the University of Maryland, and been a bar coach at a local law school. She also has taught the LSAT preparatory course at Kaplan.

Matthew Steinberg, Esq.

Attorney Instructor, LawTutors

Matthew Steinberg graduated magna cum laude from the Boston University School of Law, where he was an Edward F. Hennessey Scholar and member of the International Law Journal. He began his legal career as an associate at the law firm Foley Hoag LLP. From there, he made his way to a boutique litigation firm, Rose Chinitz & Rose (now Rose Law Partners), then onward to the Boston office of a national labor and employment law firm, Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP.

Currently, he serves as In-House Legal Counsel to a national railcar manufacturer. Matthew has a passion for helping students. While an undergraduate at Tufts University, he was selected as a Writing Fellow, a position which required rigorous one-on-one sessions with students to review and evaluate their written coursework.

Professor Tina Benigno, Esq.

Attorney Instructor, LawTutors

Tina Benigno graduated from Saint Louis University School of Law in 2017. After graduating and passing the bar exam, she practiced law in the area of banking and ERISA. While practicing, she served as an adjunct professor at SLU Law teaching a bar preparation course and has worked for a bar preparation company as an attorney essay grader since graduating.

She is currently serving as the Assistant Director of Academic Support and Bar Exam Preparation at SLU Law in Saint Louis. There, she teaches classes to first- and second-year law students that focuses on writing and analytical skills and a class for third year students that prepares students for the bar exam.

Todd Berman, Esq.

Attorney Instructor, LawTutors

Todd Berman has more than six years of experience with another leading law tutoring company as a Tutor, Professor, Author, Essay Grader, and/or Sales/Marketing Professional for law school examinations, the California Bar Examination, Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination, and California First-Year Law Students’ Examination (or “Baby Bar”).

Todd completed three years of law school and one year in the State Bar of California Law Office Study Program. This required highly self-disciplined study and California Bar Examination preparation, without graduating from law school.

Todd currently serves in various leadership roles within the American Bar Association, California Lawyers Association, and Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA), such as on the LACBA Law Student Outreach Committee.

Samantha Bachrach 

Director of Finance and Operations

Education Coordinator

Samantha is a graduate of Simmons College School of Management and has been with LawTutors since 2006. As the LawTutors’ business manager she handles all accounts and many operational aspects, as well as student and Attorney Instructor management.

Lyza Fennell

Creative Director and Office Manager

Lyza Fennell is an Ada Comstock Scholar at Smith College. As the Creative Director and Office Manager, Lyza ensures the office runs smoothly offering administrative support, copy editing, and creating and overseeing all aspects of marketing and social media.

Toothless Johnny

Chief Dog Officer, LawTutors

Toothless Johnny (TJ) is LawTutors’ Chief Dog Officer (CDO). As you make have guessed, there is no actual bite to his bark, but he is a rather omnipresent micromanager. He has his own office chair and gets anxious if he is not sitting in it by 8:30 a.m. Oh, and he is 9 pounds.