Free Resources for the MPRE Student

You can find some of our Free Legal Resources below. Remember to bookmark this page so you can come back to it again later!

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Free MPRE Webinar


MPRE Practice Questions with Explanations

LawTutors has taken some of the key tested topics on the MPRE and has created questions and answers for you to review.

The Use of Keywords and Phrases on the MPRE

The ©NCBE gives a breakdown of the most important Key Words and Phrases used on the MPRE

MPRE Subject Matter Outline

The ©NCBE gives a breakdown of all the topics and sub-topics tested on the MPRE.

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We here at LawTutors think that every Law, Bar and MPRE student should have free access to a plethora of resources to assist them navigate through their legal journey. We also believe in not overwhelming you, so we created what we thought are the best, most efficient, and least time-consuming resources!    

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