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As a repeat examinee, my confidence in my ability to pass the bar was shaky. I can’t thank Professor Hale enough for reviving my confidence and preparing me for a successful outcome the second time around. Working with Professor Hale I was able to combat my testing anxiety, as well as, identify and strengthen areas of weakness which lead to a drastic increase to my score on the MBE portion of the exam. Selecting LawTutors was the best decision I made for bar prep.

Massa F. Massaquoi

Google Review, Bar exam student, 2020

Law Tutors takes the time to get to know you personally and help guide you through this stressful process. The tutors are pretty quick to get back to you with any questions you may have. Their assistance extends beyond the bar material, I received guidance regarding anxiety management along with career counseling and encouragement. I’ve taken other review courses, and this one excels and adds a personal touch plus value for the cost. 

Stephanie Reed

Google Review, Bar exam student, 2021

I could not have passed the bar exam without the help of Tania and her team. I signed up for multiple bar classes and LawTutors was by far the best. I highly recommend the workshops and private tutoring. These guys are the best in the business!  

Jonathan Kestenbaum

Google Review, Bar exam student, 2021

I can say without a doubt. I could not have gotten through the bar exam without my friends at LawTutors. They are second to none when it comes to encouragement, knowledge, and testing tips and tricks. If you are looking for personalized help tailored to your needs, look no further.

Ryan Demore

Bar Exam Student, 2021

Thank you so much for all of the help and encouragement you gave me over the many many months of studying. I am certain that Law Tutors made the difference in both my studying experience and the overall result. Throughout the process, I was way less stressed than before, I could visibly see my progress, and I was still able to have a life (work full time, teach part-time, be a mom, AND still have some down time). I truly could not have done this without you. I would go so far as to say I even enjoyed it a bit (at least the workshops anyway lol).

Alysha Martin

Bar exam student, 2020

I loved working with my Attorney Instructor! She was thorough, organized and very knowledgeable about the law and the MBE. She was accessible and available. I liked having the opportunity to discuss the MBE answers I wasn’t clear on. I’ll use her again!

Ann Barber

3L Massachusetts School of Law

“I did very well on.the MpRE, great tutor I had, I was barely passing the MpRE, I’m 56 and haven’t been a student for thirty plus years. I was barely passing mpre in practice exams, but I did five sessions w Brittany and I scaled scored 138, unheard of. I needed an 85. I aced it, a miracle, Gods Help and Brittany’s help!”


“Use these tutors to change your direction in the exam process”


“I highly recommend the tutors. Was barely passing MPRE but one week and five sessions later I smashed the test, found out I scored 138 almost a perfect score, they made the difference!”

Andrew Hirschorn

MPRE student, 2021 via YouTube

UBE Scores I creased over 22 points. I decided to reach out to law tutors after I was unsuccessful on my first attempt of the Rhode Island UBE. Law Tutors came recommended by one of my law school professors (Brittany Raposa, also a tutor). After an initial “interview” I was matched with a tutor who met my exact study needs. I signed up for 5 sessions over the course of 10 weeks leading up to the October RI UBE. The primary focus for me was the written section of the exam (MEE, MPT). Through my tutors patience, expertise, and willingness to go above and beyond what I signed up for, I was able to improve my written score on the exam by over 26!! Points. While I did slightly worse on the MBE than on my first attempt, I was able to raise my score from a 258 to a 280. I should say though that I did not utilize any lectures and solely had 5 sessions with my tutor That being said, Law Tutors is definitely worth every penny.

Alexis Koch

Bar exam student, 2020

I worked with Professor Hale…and I am confident that her help is what helped me pass. She is very thorough and will explain concepts one-hundred different ways if needed to make sure you understand. She is a great cheerleader and will push you so you too can achieve your goals!


Bar exam student, 2020

LawTutors is one of the main reasons why I passed the BAR.

Andres Aleman

Google Review, Bar exam student, 2020

The very best in the world. Had the pleasure of working with Law Tutors for my JD and LLM. Absolutely amazing. They help you understand in a way that is almost impossible in a classroom. Big Picture-Little Essays and the outlines make it worth it alone. Working with tutors really reinforces it even more and brings it home. Don’t hesitate. The best in the business.

James Barracato

Google Review

LawTutors is exactly what the the modern day law student needs. They do a spectacular job of blending active learning methods and passive study tips into the most effective study cocktail a student can order. I was fortunate enough to attend the weekly workshop classes and they were the most effective learning approaches I have ever encountered. Having the ability to ask questions to a live instructor is so crucial for an active learner like me and LawTutors succeeded every expectation that I had. I didn’t feel like I was apart of a class as much as I felt like I was apart of a family. Everyone was so supportive and encouraged us to meet our maximum potential. Single handily the best decision I made to improve myself and to exceed my career goals. 

Louis Catarina

Google Review, Bar Exam Student, 2021

I loved the workshops because I felt like being live either in the room or live online, with other students and the professor helped me stay focused on the material and gave me the opportunity to ask not only questions but follow up questions so that I was sure that I understood the issue. I love the way the schedule of workshop topics was set up (ex. Torts essays and MBE same week) because it helped keep me organized. I also liked the small group size because it wasn’t embarrassing to ask a “stupid” question! I love how the online sessions require attendance, a webcam and participation because it holds you accountable!


Feb 2018 Bar Exam Student

LawTutors Bar Review was very helpful. Many of the essays on the actual Massachusetts Bar Exam we went over during class. The MBE review was also very helpful. LawTutors tutoring session were fun and very informative. I would recommend LawTutors to any student studying for the Bar!


Quinnipiac Law School

After failing the bar multiple times, I found Law Tutors and more importantly Tania Shah! Tania has a modern approach to bar exam preparation, that doesn’t put you to sleep. Trust me I took every course out there. Skip the generic courses, don’t waste your time go straight to Law Tutors! There is no student left behind at Law Tutors, Tania follows up, checks in and makes sure you are on the right track. Law Tutors teaching style offers an innovative, upbeat, real life, live teaching approach, enticing each and every student to focus, learn and tackle the bar exam. Thank goodness she did because I “owned” the February 2018 exam! There is truly no better feeling for a law student than seeing CONGRATULATIONS, you have passed the bar exam! You can do it, Tania and her team will make it happen. Thank you Tania, you inspired me to never give up!

Samantha Johnson

The contracts bar review seminar was easy to understand with hypotheticals to make the law clear, without any vague theory. LawTutors method of instruction was effective in helping students achieve a greater knowledge of the law—I would highly recommend LawTutors to others.

Bar Review Student

Contracts MBE Seminar

Law tutors helped me pass the bar exam in 2011. Because of Tania and Melissa’s expertise and exceptional knowledge of the law as well as test taking skills, I recently sent my daughter to them. As a parent you will do the very best you can for your child. I know they are the best by first hand experience! I recommend them

Brigite Melo-Cronin

Facebook Review

The very best legal minds in the world. Tania and Melissa are also two of the greatest people that a person will ever meet.

James Anthony

Facebook Review

Professor Gundavaram is awesome. He really helped me to think through my analysis and organize exam essays. I paid for 15 hours and it was totally worth it. I am definitely doing it again. Law school is so difficult and it really pays to get what ever advantage you can get!

Sandler Ernst

Google Review

Got access through SEO and it was definitely helpful to go over some of the issues I was facing with the very helpful team on LawTutors. Tania and Hemanth are awesome. Thank you 🙂

Denise Laspina

Google Review

The personalized attention I received helped me learn the substantive areas of the law and build my confidence as a test taker. Working with law tutors is one of the best investments I made in my professional development.

Jaspreet Chowdhary

Google Review

Professor Shah was a God send during my first semester. This support is critical to my success.

Victoria Agramonte

Google Review

I worked with Stacy for the MPRE and the bar exam. I also took the Bar course with Tania and Melissa. I thought the program created by Tania is incredible. Stacy really helped me to find my weakness in each subject for the bar exam. I would not have passed without them.

Kerri Shaughnessy

Facebook Review

I love the mini essays LawTutors uses! My attorney instructor provided a good warm-up and good examples.

Bar Student

Evidence Seminar

Great bar tutoring service! Tania and her staff made studying for the bar much easier to conquer, and I wish I had known about them sooner. I truly recommend them if you are not so sure about following the rest of the crowd and choosing a mainstream bar prep company.

Krystal Taveras

Google Review

Tania Shaw is superb. The course and its materials were very well done and tailored to my needs. I, dare I say, even enjoyed the preparation experience. I cannot recommend Law Tutors strongly enough.

Colin S. Levy

Facebook Review

Tania and Melissa are exceptional, thoughtful, and truly care about the success of each student. The one on one attention and group classes offered make a big difference in learning as well as retaining pertinent material for the Bar exam and even law school classes. Law Tutors provides all necessary tools to achieve positive results.

Gerald Loftin

Google Review

If want to pass the bar, you should work with Law Tutors. I worked with Tania one-on-one and participated in her bar workshop for the July 2017 Bar Exam. I passed the UBE with a score of a 320.

I had two obstacles going against me (1) I had graduated in 2014 and had not touched law in three years (2) I have dyslexia. Tania was able to build a schedule/program that allowed me to know I was putting in the correct work necessary to pass. Each week you actually do see results and understand more about the law. You focus on areas of weakness and keep pushing forward on areas of strength. Her materials (Mini Essay, Outlines, etc) are the best in the industry. Hands down. Her ability to be patient and work with each student is truly remarkable.

I am very, very thankful to Tania and all her staff.

Remember — the bar exam is not about memorization, it is about knowing how to study…Law Tutors will teach you how to do just that.

Paul Kohan

Google Review

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