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LawTutors offers tutoring for law students in all states and can offer assistance in almost any subject offered at your law school.

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For the 1L

Law school exams differ greatly from undergraduate exams. To succeed in law school, you must fully understand the differences and master the techniques, methods and strategies for excelling on law school exams. The LawTutors small group reviews, workshops, and one-on-one instructions will prepare you for your first year exams using LawTutors proven study methods.  In both private sessions, as well as your semi-private small group reviews, you will master:

  • How to take law school exams and write an “A” answer
  • How to master IRAC
  • How to Outline – the key to learning the law
  • How and when to prepare for law school exams
  • The “Hidden Keys” to success on law school exams, including actual exam writing

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For the 2L, 3L, & 4LE

You may have already mastered the art of taking a law school exam, as well as mastered how to keep up with the reading in your class. However, as an upperclassman, you may still need assistance with tricky substantive issues, as classes get more difficult.  This is where having a LawTutors Attorney Instructor will come in handy, as they help you master difficult material.

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Research & writing

To succeed as a law student, and ultimately as a lawyer, you must develop outstanding legal research and writing skills. In both one-on-one instruction and in semi-private, small-group review sessions, you will learn:

  • How to cite legal authority using the “Blue Book”
  • Techniques for effective and persuasive legal writing
  • How to draft legal memoranda

Because of the importance of this course, we offer highly qualified attorneys who produce impeccable and high quality legal documents. They have drafted winning briefs, argued before the toughest judges and offer invaluable advice during your time in law school.

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Issue spotting & exams

LawTutors has proven methods to teach law students to scrutinize facts patterns and use essential issue spotting techniques to master exam writing. Our methods focus on the traditional IRAC format preferred by law schools.

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titles*NEW* Supplement Your One-On-One Tutoring

Casebriefs and Wolters Kluwer team up to present the ultimate law student study bundle. EVERYTHING you
need to know in law school, right here. Featuring LawTutors Professors Tania N. Shah and Melissa A. Gill
presenting the law like you have never seen it before!




casebriefsCaseBriefs Presents: Understanding Law School Video Lecture Series™


Produced and delivered video content by Professors Tania N. Shah and Melissa A. Gill, these videos will enable you to reinforce the various legal topics you are currently learning in each one of your Law School classes. *Includes hundreds of hypothetical questions from real Law School exams.

CaseBriefs Presents Professor Notes and Key Comments™

Notes and Key Comments from Professors Tania N. Shah and Melissa A. Gill detailing what your professor is going to request from you on each 1L course exam. Included are links, charts, and other attachments, that diagram for you the roadmap from the hypothetical question to the final outcome.

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