Student Terms & Conditions



a. 24-hour notice is required prior to the cancellation of a LAWTUTORS session. Failure to provide 24- hour notice will result in a charge of one (1) hour.

b. Payment must be received before the initial session.

c. Any hours accrued over initial deposit or package purchased will be billed automatically to the credit card on file.

d. Compensation will be paid directly to LAWTUTORS and NOT to your Attorney Instructor

e. Students will be billed for both time spent with Attorney Instructor, and time that Attorney Instructor spends reviewing assignments and writing, as requested by the student.

f. Students are responsible to keep track of hours that they purchase and use with their instructor. It is not the instructor’s responsibility to keep track of how many hours have been used. Students may always inquire as to their remaining balance, by contacting the LawTutors’ office manager, , but it is ultimately student’s responsibility to keep track of their remaining balance.

g. Assignments (including editing papers, reviewing outlines, etc) requiring a turnaround time of 24 hours or less will be billed at a rate of time and a half.

h. Any hours students have remaining from tutoring with LawTutors may be carried over until the student decides to resume tutoring with LawTutors within one year of initial purchase. If a rate change has been implemented during the idle time period, credit hours are subject to recalculation at a new rate.


The preferred payment method is ACH Bank Transfer. Payment via credit card available upon request.


a.  Student agrees to pay the one-time materials fee as outlined above in the pricing sheet.

b. Materials are mandatory for all students unless otherwise approved and waived, in writing, by President Tania N. Shah.

c. All Materials are the intellectual property of LawTutors, LLC, the NCBE, or Aspen Publishing, and subject to all United States’ Copyright Laws.


a. Sessions:

i.  Sessions can range from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how the Student and Attorney Instructor would like to meet.

b. Review Time: 

i.  If STUDENT wishes their ATTORNEY INSTRUCTOR to review their essays or other work outside of their tutoring session, this will be charged at the applicable hourly rate.e.

c. Student Schedule: 

i.  During the initial session with your ATTORNEY INSTRUCTORS, LAWTUTORS will develop and tailor a study schedule for each STUDENT. This is mandatory for all STUDENTS.

ii.  The session will include addressing subject areas that need to be addressed, areas of weakness, i.e. multiple-choice questions, essay writing, outlining, exam preparation, etc.

iii.  STUDENT will be charged at the applicable hourly rate for both the time spent with the ATTORNEY INSTRUCTOR in obtaining this information from STUDENT and the time involved in creating a student-specific study schedule, tailored to the individual needs of STUDENT.

iv.   Any additions or changes, after the initial schedule is created, to the student’s schedule will be done during subsequent tutoring sessions.

d. Non-Solicitation:

i.  NON-SOLICITATION: STUDENTS are not permitted to solicit, directly or indirectly, INSTRUCTORS of LAWTUTORS. STUDENTS shall not, at any time, encourage any INSTRUCTOR to terminate their services with LAWTUTORS.

 e. Law Student Monthly Packages

    i. Hours do not “carry over” to the next month and must be used within the given month.
ii. You will automatically be billed monthly.
iii. There is a 3-month minimum.
iv. There is a 30-day cancellation policy.


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