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Law Tutors Provides One-On-One and Online Law School Exam Tutoring, MPRE Tutoring, and BAR Exam Tutoring. Our Students Have up to a 94.5% Pass Rate! Our servicesSee pricing

The LawTutors Effect

Suffolk University Pass Rate

Based on scores from previous BAR Exams, you can see the Law Tutors Effect clearly:

  • 59.8% Students without LawTutors 59.8%
  • 94.5% Students who have taken the LawTutors Bar Review 94.5%

UMass Law Pass Rate

Based on scores from previous BAR Exams, you can see the Law Tutors Effect clearly:

  • 32.5% Students without LawTutors 32.5%
  • 80% Students who have taken the LawTutors Bar Review 80%

Testimonials for Law Tutors

How Do I Get Started?

Choose the Program You are Interested In:

Law School Exam Tutoring:

One-on-one and small-group, in-person and distance tutoring for law students anywhere in the country

Personalized materials packages, including a study schedule tailored to your class, professor, casebook, and syllabus

FREE online pre-law prep course presented by LawTutors and Ecasebriefs

FREE Law Student workshops for students who are within their first month of law school

MPRE Exam Tutoring:

One-on-one and small-group, in-person and distance MPRE tutoring anywhere in the country

Personalized materials packages for students taking the MPRE, including study schedules for first-time and repeat MPRE takers

FREE workshops for students about to take the MPRE

BAR Exam Tutoring:

One-on-one, in-person, and distance Bar Exam tutoring anywhere in the country

Personalized materials packages, including an essay series authored by Tania Shah, founder of LawTutors

Small group Bar Exam workshops (6-8 people)

FREE Bar Exam workshop for students about to take the Bar Exam

The Story of Our Fearless Leader

When I attended law school I had no idea what to expect. I soon realized that succeeding in law school wasn’t about how “smart” I was, but how well I could learn the law language. I realized there was a better way to study and answer questions than by using commercial study aids and supplements.

Students need individual attention on specific subjects and they need to have their questions answered. I wanted to form an outside legal education organization that personally targets each student’s individual needs.

LawTutors is a radically innovative, personalized system that ensures support, mentoring, contact, and confidence. We have developed a proven method to ensure your success in law school and to help you succeed on the MPRE and the Bar Exam.

You will study smarter, not longer, by having LawTutors custom design a study program built solely around you, focusing our efforts precisely on your needs.

 – LawTutors’ President, Tania N. Shah, Esq.

The Law Tutors Difference

Individual, One-on-One, In-Person and Distance Tutoring
LawTutors offers an unparalleled one-one-one attorney/student mentoring program for all students in MA, NY, and CA*. Whether you’re in law school, studying for the MPRE, or studying for the Bar Exam, LawTutors builds your knowledge and confidence in practical and reasonable steps.

Our Attorney Instructors custom-design each study session based on continual assessments of your individual needs. Your Attorney Instructor will keep track of your personal progress, give you content-sensitive help, provide learning strategies and instruction, and help you work through your personalized LawTutors materials package.

*LawTutors also offers Law School exam tutoring for law students in all other states and for most bar exams through our distance tutoring services.

Small Group Workshops – In Person and Online
LawTutors small group workshops for the Bar Exam are the “base” of our programs, providing critical knowledge and experience to help you in your one-on-one studying. Most students take our workshops along with one-on-one tutoring with one of our attorney instructors.

Our workshops are small group, meaning there are no more than 8 people in each workshop. The workshops provide an interactive and intensive learning experience where you not only learn from the instructor, but also from your peers.

All workshops are currently held live in our Massachusetts office, or online through our new Online Workshops at a fraction of the price!

LawTutors’ Original Materials
In your tutoring you will be using both original LawTutors materials as well as materials from Aspen Publishers.

LawTutors original materials include the What Not to Write’ workbook for MassachusettsNew York and California, ‘MiniEssays’, Big Picture Audio Files,’ Workshop Workbook’, ‘Charts & Notes’, your State-Specific Workbook, and your custom-made Student Welcome Packet.

Law Tutors is Real People Helping Real People


The Solution is Here



Our Services are Personalized for Your Unique Needs and We Work with You In Person, Unlike Most Other Services You’ll Find.

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