Descriptions of Bar Exam Materials


The following materials are included in your bar exam materials package:

LawTutors Bar Exam Welcome Packet This packet will give you all the schedules, tips, guides, answers, and “how-to” instructions for your bar exam.
Study Schedule LawTutors offers 9-month, 6-month, 3-month, and 8-week schedules that can be used as-is or customized to the individual student as a part of any one-on-one tutoring package.
StudyBuddy Pro Portal This is available to all students at NO EXTRA COST! This Portal contains over 300 of our videos as well as outlines, MBE videos, big picture podcasts, and miniessays as well as a private portal group.
LawTutors MiniEssays Workbook The MiniEssays Workbook has over 200 miniessays and explanations that focus on sub-topics within a given area of law to help students pinpoint their weak areas.
LawTutors Charts & Notes The Charts & Notes book contains subject-matter tips, Big Picture Outlines of each bar exam-tested topic, and Charts to help students visualize heavily tested topics on the bar exam.
LawTutors MEE Book Our Multistate Essay Exam Workbook includes a primer for the MEE based on years of research and feedback from successful bar applicants.
LawTutors MBE Exam Book Your source for simulated MBE testing. This book includes a 50-question, 100-question, and 200-question exam.
LawTutors Big MBE Book The Big MBE Book includes over 600 MBE questions separated by topic and subtopic, which is perfect for both targeted and mixed practice.
LawTutors MPT Book Our Multistate Performance Test Workbook based on years of research and feedback from successful bar applicants.
LawTutors Condensed Outlines

The LawTutors Condensed Outlines contain all of the “main points” for all the MBE and non-MBE topics tested on the bar exam.

LawTutors Workshop Workbook

The Workshop Workbook includes workshop materials and lecture handouts needed for the Small Group Bar Exam Workshops.

LawTutors Big Outlines Book

The LawTutors Big Outlines Book contains comprehensive outlines for all of the MBE subjects tested on the bar exam. These comprehensive outlines present information in a manageable format for students.


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Our Mini Sheets contain the heavily tested areas of law for all of the MBE and MEE subjects. These sheets also include information about how often topics are tested on the MBE, and which essays on past bar exams have tested each topic. 

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