Big Picture Outlines


The overriding question you ask yourself when approaching any evidence question is: WHAT IS THE EVIDENCE COMING IN FOR?

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Criminal Law

When addressing a criminal law question, you want to create a checklist of crimes for yourself. You want to first think about what crimes have been committed, then think about whether all elements are met, then lastly, think about any defenses that may be available. NEVER bring up any defenses before laying out and analyzing every element of the crime.

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Corporations/Business Entities

Six Major Fact Patterns: Organization of the Corporation, Issuance if Stock, Action by & Liability of Directors & Officers, Rights of Shareholders, Fundamental Corporate Changes

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I cannot stress how important it is to analyze a question, either essay or MBE, in this particular order. This will help assure that you do not miss any issues and organize your essay in a coherent fashion.

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