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Law students tend to fall into a common trap: waiting until the end of the semester to prepare and practice for exams. This Webinar explains how you can fit in practicing questions throughout your entire law school semester.


We discuss:

  1. making semester study schedules,
  2. keeping outlines up to date,
  3. applying what you learn through practice questions, and
  4. how to self-assess practice questions.


We also discuss great practice question resources for students. No matter what year of law school you are in, this webinar will help to maximize your success in any given semester!

Law school is tremendously difficult and can sometimes be isolating. Our law school tutors not only help you with whatever skills you need to develop or substantive law you need refining, but they also serve as mentors to guide you through your semesters. Whether it’s helping you how to write a law school exam, or teaching you difficult rules, we are here for you. LawTutors can provide you with the law school tutoring you need in order to have a successful law school career! Check out both our Law Student Packages and our one-on-one law student tutoring 



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