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On November 19, 2020, the Supreme Court of California issued an order concerning modifications to the California Bar Examination. The full text can be found here.

Here are the important aspects of that Order:

The Exam

The Bar Exam will be held on Tuesday, February 23 and Wednesday, February 24, 2021.

Day 1: 5 one-hour essays and one 90-minute performance test (PT).

DAY 2: Four 90-minute sessions of the MBE. It will be 200 questions administered in 4 50-question segments.

The Exam will be administered online and mostly remotely.

Examinations will be in-person at the discretion of the State Bar for those applicants that have testing accommodations or other extenuating circumstances.


Each Essay will be 100 raw points, for a total of 500 raw points.

The PT will be 200 raw points.

The Written and MBE components will be scaled and weighted equally (50 percent assigned to each).

The Passing score is a total scaled score of 1390 or more out of 2000 possible points.

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