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Must Have Apps for law Students: 8 Apps You Should Download Now!

Let’s face it: law school is challenging. In between hundreds of pages of reading, outlining, doing practice problems, and studying, there doesn’t seem like there’s much time for anything else. However, current law students have so many helpful and accessible resources at their disposal. The resources are so accessible that you can just pull them up on your phone! Let’s talk about 8 great apps out there for law students.

1. Black’s Law Dictionary ($54.99). This is typically a required purchase item for many first year law students. It’s heavy. It’s big. It’s a little structurally inconvenient – but extremely practical and useful. So, instead of lugging around a dumbbell of a book, you can have the dictionary right on your phone for whenever you may need it!

2. Law Stack (Free). Law Stack is your ultimate legal library – it contains the entirety of the texts you need for your first year courses: (1) the United States Constitution, (2) the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, (3) the Federal Rules of Evidence, (4) and the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure. You also have the ability to download any additional state codes you need. This is super convenient for your classes or for when you’re studying on the go.

3. CALI Mobile (Free). Practice questions are critical when you’re in law school, and this app has a lot of practice questions and lessons to help you with whatever class you’re looking for. You can engage in a series of free practice questions and lessons to help you understand a certain topic, or to help you prepare for an exam.

4. Quizlet (Free). Some law students love flashcards. However, you no longer have to write them out and you can type them and have them right on your phone to flip through, quiz yourself, and study from. You can either make your own, or use flashcard sets that are already made (check with a professor or academic support professor at your law school to make sure the flashcards are reliable).

5. Law Dojo (Free). With this app, you can make law school a little more exciting and interesting by playing games to test your knowledge of the law. Many subjects are available for free, and you can buy different subject matter games for only $2.99 each.

6. My Study Life (Free). A key factor to being successful in law school is being organized and good with time management. This app will help you tremendously – it’s an organizational tool for law students. You can organize your assignments, class schedules, study schedules, events, and more. You can set reminders for tasks as well, and sometimes we could all use a little nudge!

7. LinkedIn (Free). What happens in the classroom is important, but what happens outside of the classroom is important, too. You can build your professional network by attending events and networking, but you can also expand your communication online with LinkedIn. Always keep your page updated, and make virtual connections. Many times, jobs are posted on LinkedIn, and you can create a fantastic professional network from your phone or computer.

8. Headspace (Free). Law school is not only difficult, but it is stressful. You can engage in 5 or 10 minute meditations to decrease the amount of stress or anxiety you are feeling. Mental health is important, especially in such a stressful environment, and this app can help you.

In a digital age – these apps can help any law student with each part of their journey: in the classroom, on their exams, in their professional life, and in their personal life. Be sure to come back to check out other helpful resources for law students!

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