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Attention Attorneys! Especially those of you that have taken the bar exam since 2017!

We are looking for your past Multistate Exam Essays (MEE) and Multistate Performance Tests (MPTs) as well as any bar exam stories.
We are working on The Ultimate UBE Guide, to be published by Wolters Kluwer in late 2020, early 2021. If you failed a bar exam, and have those MEEs or MPTs, we want them! You will be given a $25 Amazon Gift Card for any accepted MEE or MPT. If we accept more than one of your essays, you will be given multiple gift cards.

Or, do you have a crazy story? Did you dog eat your outlines? Something that you overcame while taking the bar exam? Did you fail and pass on a second try? Did you get sick the night before and still do ok? If so, tell us your story, and get a $10 Amazon Gift card for every accepted story. Stories must come from a bar 2011 to present.

All stories will be anonymous, and so will essays and MPTs. MEEs and MPTs must have been actually written for the bar exam and have a score. In addition, the essays should come from a Bar Exam between 2017 and present.
To submit essays, MPTs, stories, or to ask any questions, please contact

Thank you,
-Melissa Hale, Esq. (Director of Academic Success and Bar Programs at Loyola University Chicago)
-Antonia Miceli, J.D., M.P.H. (Director, Academic Support and Bar Examination Preparation; Professor)
-Tania Shah, Esq (President of LawTutors, LLC)

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