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With exams coming up small group studying may be for you! At LawTutors we seek to offer various study opportunities for students, so you can find a program that works best for you.

Small group study sessions are where you and up to 4 fellow classmates (small group study sessions are 2-5 people) come together for a study sessoin. You would provide your tutor with your syllabus, and the study group dictates what you want to go over. Essentially, it is very similar to one on one, but with more poeple! You still get individualized attention from a qualified Attorney Instructor, who can take you through study strategies, exam prep tips and answer qeustions to your substantive questions, AND you get the extra added benefits of 1) it being more economical and 2) extra discussion with people in your class, since talking out issues often leads to better results. And hey, your fellow classmate might have picked up something that you did not!

Try our small group study sessions for $100 an hour (which, if you have 5 people in your group, is $20 an hour) , either to prepare for your upcoming exam, or to supplement your classes all semester long!

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