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Along with getting free tutoring hours and information throughout the day about the excellent programs LawTutors has to offer, students were entertained by LawTutors Sponsoriship. Traditionally, educational companies sponsor events by giving money and in return get space and opportunity to chat about their program. LawTutors is not traditional by any means, so we thought it would be cool to donate interesting speakers instead!

In the Fall Rountable in October of 2005, LawTutors donated a panel of speakers for the “Hot Topics In Law” event and LawTutors President Tania Shah spoke on another panel “Alternative Careers in Law.”

At the February 26th, 2006 Spring Conference LawTutors presented former prosecutors Nikiki Bogle and David Frank who spoke about their life as a prosecutor, their lives now, and their relationship with the media. Students were enthralled and even amused, and the interaction between the audience and speakers was dynamic!

At the end of the day’s events, LawTutors was awarded the Sponsor of the Year award for dedication and commitment to the ABA Law Student Division.

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