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Well, you’re not alone. LawTutors understands the unique needs of repeat takers. We know that often repeat takers are looking for something different in their bar review, which is wise.

The first thing you want to do, if you have received the news that you did not pass, is to not get discouraged, and get ready to take the bar again.

One of the first things that my students ask me is “I failed the bar, am I an idiot? Should I even bother taking it again?”

And the answer is you are NOT an idiot, and YES, take it again.

(1)   Request your essays immediately

(2)   Breakdown your score by MBE and Essay.

a.       Chart out what you scored on each MBE Topic

b.      Chart our what you scored on each essay, and what topic it corresponded to

    (3) Bring the above, with your score sheet and essays, to your tutor. Yes, get a tutor!

 Normally, The reason students didn’t pass the first time around is because they didn’t know how to effectively study! Because of this, I would suggest reassessing your study techniques from last time, and do something different; take a different bar review course (they are all different, and we all study differently, so you might need to find one that fits your personality), find a private tutor, study in a different location – but most of call, change something, since what you did last time didn’t work.

You may ask: “I took BarBri and Kaplan/PMBR….now what?” Well, our advice to you is don’t repeat the exact same thing you did last time. If it did not work for you the first time, do not assume that it will work for you again.

Remember, it’s not a test of your intelligence, but of your test taking abilities – so you don’t need to study MORE, you need to study DIFFERENTLY.

Good Luck!


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