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LawTutors, LLC is now implementing a mandatory materials fee. This is so we can ensure that our students are getting the best materials.
Law Students: $150
Bar Students that are Non-MA: $150.00

**for Law Students and Non MA Bar students this fee includes a complete set of mini essays, as well as a complete set of Big Picture CDs. This is a value of $280.

MA Bar Students: $350
**for MA Bar Students this includes the above mini essays and Big Picture CDs, as well as the “What Not to Write” Book, and the “Essay Success Express” Book. This would normally be valued at $450.

In additional to all the standard materials, students have complete access to our library of materials, which includes various study aids, practice questions, and various outlines. In addition this includes materials provided in seminar and materials provided through your private tutor, such as outlines and chats.

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