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Dear July 2020 LawTutors Bar Students: I hope everyone is safe and healthy during this time. I am sure that the added stress regarding the uncertainties surrounding the July 2020 bar exam does not help.  I wanted to let you know any updates or changes on our end:

  1. LawTutors will have a continually updated section of COVID-19 Articles on our site specifically addressing the ever-changing climate of the state-by-state July 2020 bar exam decisions. Many of our instructors are heavily involved the discussions surrounding this with various schools and bar associations, so we will be getting you the most updated information as we receive it.
  2. At this time, NY, MA, CT and DC have decided to reschedule their exams to Fall of 2020, with those dates to be determined. As this is a state-by-state decision, we do not know what the rest of the states will do at this time.
  3. We have decided to hold our July 2020 Live Workshops as scheduled, with all sessions recorded so that you may use them for review in the event that your exam is rescheduled.
  4. For those who will have their exams rescheduled to the fall, we will also be offering Fall Bar Exam Continuation Workshops. These are additional workshops after the end of our usual Summer Workshops to keep your ongoing learning process fresh until the Fall Exam. Stay tuned for more information about these!
  5. We will also be offering LawTutors Amended Schedules, at no extra charge to you, to all of our students who are impacted by this reschedule. We also encourage you to work with your Attorney Instructor, if you have one, on your personalized schedule to amend that to adapt to your new bar exam dates.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

The LawTutors Family


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