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GOOD NEWS! If you sign up for a Bar Package (Seminars and one on one) by Wednesday May 14 at noon, you get TWO Emanuel Bar Prep courses for FREE. To be qualified as signed up, you must be paid in full. If you sign up for a package by May 28th, you can get the July Emanuel Bar Program for free. The May program is three days long, consisting of six substantive lectures based upon the 6 MBE topics, followed by small tutoring sessions with LawTutor’s own Melissa and Tania!

The July session consists of 3 days again, with the first day being a practice MBE exam, and the next two days consisting of a break down of the exam by subject and subtopic.

You also receive the Rigos MBE books, which is over 1700 questions, in addition to an outline book of each MBE topic. All materials were created for the July 2008 bar, and reflect the most recent MBE.

The programs are in NYC, and you must arrange for your own transportation.

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