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If you did not pass the Bar Exam this time, do not despair. There are PLENTY of successful attorneys that did not pass their first time around. Hillary Clinton and JFK jr just to name two. So, if you were unsuccessful this past July, do not give up, but before you start to study again, there are a few things to consider

1) stop and think about how you studied in the past. And don’t just say “Oh, I took Barbri” or “I reviewed my notes”. Stop and REALLY assess your study habits. What did you do with your practice questions? Was your studying passive?

2) Think about what you can do differently. Chances are, if you didn’t pass, it’s not because of lack of skill or intelligence, but rather, you either didn’t study the correct way OR the study methods you used didn’t work for you, since everybody learns in a different way. Reviewing for the bar is not a cookie cutter process , different study techniques work for different people.

If a large group setting didn’t work for you the first time, try an individual tutor, which can guide you through a study plan, and assist you in figuring out what went wrong the first time. LawTutors’ Attorney Instructors can help you with an individualized study schedule, and work with you on how you can improve.

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