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The File: The first document in the File is an assignment memo that briefly describes the facts and specifies the task you are to complete and the document you are to produce. The File often includes specific guidelines for the requested document. The remainder of the File consists of factual sources, such as deposition transcripts, interview notes, correspondence, and contracts. You will have to sort the relevant facts from the irrelevant.

The Library: The Library contains legal sources, such as statutes, cases, and regulations. These materials exist in a self-contained universe; while you can rely on your general legal knowledge, you are NOT expected to be familiar with any specific area of the law, and you don’t have to be. The Library gives you everything you need to complete the task at hand.

The Preparation: The content of the MPT is not increasingly difficult, but the timeframe in which you have to answer it is. You only have 90 minutes to complete an MPT, and it is NOT a lot of time. Practicing MPTs is what gets students better at them and gets them higher scores.

The Instructions: Familiarize yourself with MPT instructions. They are the same for every exam, and are attached to this handout. Get to know them so you can save time when you get to the exam room.

Attacking the MPT

Total time for MPT = 90 minutes

PART ONE: Your goal is to read the instructions, create your task template, review all materials and create your outline. 45 MINUTES


PART TWO: Write your memo utilizing your outline. 45 MINUTES


PART THREE: Review and edit your document.  5 MINUTES

-Skim the instructions.

-Read the Task Memo carefully; highlight the task. The assignment memo provides a brief overview of the document you need to produce. This provides context for your File and Library.

-Skim the File. Note the number and types of documents, but don’t get bogged down in the details.

-Read the Library. First, skim the library, noting the number and types of sources. If there are cases note whether they are mandatory or persuasive. Then, read through the library carefully. Outline the legal rules in your document.

-Read the File. With the law in mind, return to the File and read it carefully, extracting the relevant facts and relating them to your outline of the law.

-Review the assignment memo. Focus on the task, paying close attention to the type of document expected and any format requirements.

-Write the answer. With your law written out and your relevant facts listed, write the analysis and conclusion sections of your answer, and any other sections that may need to be filled in.

-Review and edit. This is the one task on the bar exam that you’re valuated for your legal writing for a task you would write as an attorney, so spelling, grammar, etc. matters. You want to be sure you are producing a polished document for your reader.


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