MPRE Student Testimonials

I struggled with the MPRE, taking it several times. LawTutors helped me to address my weaknesses and ‘fine-tune’ my preparation to achieve success.

Jenn, NESL

Tania’s one on one instruction and personal approach helped me focus on studying the rules, do practice problems and learn from my mistakes. This program helped me improve my score by over 40 points on
the MPRE from the first time I took the exam

Chris, Quinnipiac School of Law

LawTutors was instrumental in preparing me to pass the MPRE. The day-by-day study schedule and the materials they provided was invaluable. The one-on-one sessions with my tutor really helped to zero in on which test topics I needed to work on.

David, New England School of Law

LawTutors provided me with the individualized attention necessary to feel confident in my preparation and excel the day of the test.

Brett, Suffolk Law School

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