Law Student Testimonials

Not only does LawTutors help me with my legal studies and prepare me for class discussions and exams but it also gives me the necessary assistance for above average grades.

Rozzie, Suffolk Masters Program in Legal Studies

I loved working with my Attorney Instructor! She was thorough, organized and very knowledgeable about the law and the MBE. She was accessible and available – I liked having the opportunity to discuss the MBE answers I wasn’t clear on. I’ll use her again!

Ann, 3L Massachusetts School of Law

LawTutors was a great resource both in and out of the classroom – it not only helped me spot the issues on the exams, but also gave me great tips for surviving law school as a 1L.

Jen, 1L Suffolk Law School

LawTutors helped me get significantly above average grades during a very tough semester. My tutor helped me identify my weak areas, develop outlines, assessed my essay responses, reviewed old finals, and accurately predicted what to expect.

Marsha 2L, Massachusetts School of Law

LawTutors helped me understand fiduciary relations in a clear coherent manner and prepared me for a difficult exam. I would definitely use LawTutors again for bar preparation or any other difficult course.

Andrew, Suffolk Law School

Thanks to Law Tutors, I walked into the exam room with confidence. Their exam prep gave me valuable insight on taking exams that no amount of studying could have provided.

Ben, 1L Suffolk Law School

I felt confident going into all of my exams because of LawTutors’ ability to foresee what a professor will test on and I felt very confident after I completed the exams thanks to LawTutors’ preparation and sample essays.

Steve, 1L Suffolk Law School

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