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Your Bar Exam Scheduling and Study FAQs


1. How Do I Use My Schedule (and why are there two of them)?

The schedule is designed to be modified to fit each student’s start date.

2. What do you mean by modifying the schedule? Other Bar Review Courses have a one-size-fits-all schedule.

We think the schedule itself is as important as your studying. Therefore, making sure a schedule fits you is important. We encourage you to work with your instructor or anyone at LawTutors to give you guidance on modifying your schedule according to:

a.  Your start date.
b.  Whether you work or not (these were designed for both the working and non-working students, but we always have modifications for students depending on what they need).
c.  Whether you want to create a daily schedule or keep just a weekly schedule.
d.  How long it takes for you to do certain items and what aspects of the schedule may work with you more than others.

3. How will my instructor schedule time with me?

Your instructor will use a calendar system with his/her available slots, so that you can schedule directly with him/her for a time that is convenient for you!

4. How do I incorporate the LawTutors-Study Buddies component into Bar Review?

We are really excited about the LawTutors-Study Buddies Online Component. As you will see, you have hundreds of videos at your disposal to use with bar review, along with tailored miniessays to each sub-section as well as Big Picture Audios for the entire subject. Not all students will need to use all of the videos, which is why they are there to use as a supplement to your weak areas. We have broken up each video into topics, sub-topics, and sub-sub topics, so you can concentrate on what you may have a weakness in. Included with your schedule is a Study Buddies Video Spreadsheet that you can use to keep track of the videos you have watched and any MiniEssays you have done in that subject.

5. What if I am taking another course as my “primary” or “secondary” course? Do I have to do double the work if I am using LawTutors as well?

No. Your instructor or a member of LawTutors will assist you to combine your schedule. This is very common, and we are used to amalgamating various programs. We have come up with various supplements for students who take two courses or utilize other materials.

Using Notes and Supplements During Bar Review FAQs


6. Throughout the schedule you talk about “using your notes” when doing essays or the MBE. Isn’t that cheating?

It’s only cheating if you do it during the bar exam. Remember, you want to practice writing correct law and you want to practice applying correct law. Plenty of assignments have you not using your notes, but using your notes while doing certain assignments is just as valuable. Using notes in the beginning will help you distinguish areas where you actually do not know the law from areas where you do know the law, but have trouble applying it. You will see which essays or MBE questions you rely on your notes more heavily than those that you do not. This will then point you toward studying your particular weak areas in your notes a little more.

When writing essays it will be helpful for you to use the Charts and Notes or Condensed Outlines books. For multiple choice, you may want to add in looking at the Hypo Book or a longer outline that you may have.

7. Should I really use your MBE tracking sheet? It looks complicated and like it may slow me down.

Yes. You really should. This creation came over time, and it has truly benefited students in the quality of how they do MBEs over the quantity. I have had students tell me that they have finished all the questions in X, Y and Z books as well as all the questions on A, B and C program; however, these same students who are telling me this have not passed. I am not saying do not do plenty of questions, but if it takes you longer to do 20 questions because you are “tracking” your first MBE questions in a given subject than if you weren’t, that is okay, and probably good.

Also, when not timing yourself, check your answers and track your answers about every 5 questions. This is so 1) You won’t forget why you got something right or wrong, and 2) you can change the mistakes right then and there before you continue.

Using The LawTutors’ Family for Continuing Support FAQs


8. Once we are assigned a tutor, does that mean we are not allowed to talk to Tania (President) or Melissa (Head National Attorney Instructor)?

Quite the contrary. We encourage you to let us know how you are doing as well as ask us questions. LawTutors works as a team. The only one who won’t answer you right away is Toothless Johnny (TJ), the Chief Dog Office (CDO), because his schedule of sleeping, barking, walking, and protecting the house is quite time consuming. And because he doesn’t know how to talk or use email (but that is beside the point).

9. Check-Ins

The President, Tania Shah, likes to do check-ins with you. This is a time for you to tell her how the schedule is working for you, how the materials are working for you, or any feedback on your tutor. Also, feel free to tell her about anything else going on in your life that may be impacting your studying. Tania will keep all your information confidential.

We are looking forward to a successful bar exam season!


LawTutors Staff

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