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Casebriefs Study Buddies provides online video lessons, outlines, course overviews, study tips, practice questions, and more for students incorporating many of LawTutors’ unique materials.

Your Attorney Instructor will use this platform to provide additional supplementary study materials for you along with your Bar Exam Study Schedule and the hard copies of your LawTutors’ Bar Exam Materials.

Login Information

You will receive a username and password from us in your welcome email.

How To Use

You can access the online portal by going to

Login with the username and password provided by LawTutors.

Study Buddy Pro is the new 2019-2020 version of Study Buddy and should be turquoise and orange

On the top header you will see drop-down menus for 1L, 2L/3L, and Lessons.
>As a Bar Student, you will primarily be using the content under the LESSONS dropdown menu.

Videos: You will find over 200 videos and printable slides with detailed examples by LawTutors’ President Tania Shah and National Head Attorney Instructor Melissa Hale

Study Assets: You will find many of LawTutors’ Materials incorporated into the portal:

  • Big Picture Audios
  • Professor Takeaway
  • Course Outlines
  • Big Picture Outlines
  • Course Multiple Choice Exams
  • Course Essay Exams and Course Podcasts

Sub-Topic Breakdown: Each topic is then broken up in sub-topics with additional Study Assets containing LawTutors’ Materials such as:

  • Topic Outlines
  • Topic Flowcharts & Notes
  • Topic Multiple Choice Questions and Essays

New content will be continually added, along with new features, so check back often and incorporate this invaluable resource into your everyday studying!

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