Can’t Meet in Person? That’s Ok!

Provided For Law, MPRE and Bar Students Around The Nation!

Geography and busy schedules can make attending regularly scheduled tutoring sessions and small group review extremely difficult. For students unable to attend a scheduled location, LawTutors offers both “distance tutoring” and our materials with a personalized Attorney Instructor.

This form of distance learning enables students to study for law school exams, the MPRE, and the Bar Exam on their own schedule while enjoying the privilege of a personal tutor. Our working students and students from distant states find that the online program with a personalized Attorney Instructor combined with LawTutors’ Materials provides them with the flexibility they need while still enabling them to enjoy the advantages of personal one-on-one tutoring.

You will get the same quality and type of tutoring as you would if you met with your attorney instructor in person, only you will be communicating via phone sessions and email. You will also be getting the same materials as those students doing one-on-one tutoring, so the quality of your tutoring experience will not be jeopardized by the distance between you and your attorney instructor.

For guidance and structure, your Attorney Instructor will provide a schedule for you and adjust it periodically to meet your individual changing needs. Your Attorney Instructor will monitor your progress and provide guidelines including assignments and references to the course materials, your own textbooks, and practice methods intended to apply and reinforce the concepts discussed with your Attorney Instructor.

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